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Jellyfish Stilt Walker
Saks Fifth Avenue
Butterfly Stilt Walker
Aquatic Jelly Fish Stilt Walker
Silver and Gold Stilt Walkers
Stilt Walkers
Stilt Walker
Flower Fairy Stilt Walker
Rococo Stilt Walker
Stilt Walking Couple
Scarecrow Stilt Walker
Rainbow Stilts
Patriotic Stilt Walkers
Tiki Stilt Character
Stilt walker and acrobats!
Peg Leg Pirate Stilt Walker

Stilt Walking


      Stilt walking has enjoyed a long and varied history. Originally used for practical purposes such as traveling through flooded or marshy areas, picking fruit, or watching over livestock, the use of stilts eventually shifted to a form of entertainment. In 7th century B.C. a performer named Lanzi attached two long poles to his lower legs and used his towering height to entertain Emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty. This tradition carried on and incorporated costumes and other accouterments, turning a once purely function item into a fun spectacle with endless possibilities. 


      First impressions are everything and with our stilt walkers on hand, you are sure to make a lasting impact.  Our 9 ft tall characters make their way through the crowd while greeting guests and stopping to pose for photos that will help make your event a memorable one.


       Multiple stilt walkers are available and costumes can be customized to fit your event! Stilt walking can be performed indoors or out.


Minimum 9' ceiling height for indoor performances.

More information available upon request. 


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