Partner Acrobatics 


      They say it takes two to tango, and never has that been as true as with Partner Acrobatics. For four thousand years, acrobatics has been an integral part of life. Egyptian and Greek cultures included some of the earliest known instances of acro-performance in their religious rites and festivals, while Kings and Queens preferred the amusing side of the art. Today, we bring a mixture of reverence and beauty, enjoyment and laughter, all carefully balanced in a performance full of awe inspiring moves that will delight and astound young and old alike.  


      These skills can be provided as both stage and ambient entertainment. For ambient sets, a duo will provide you and your guests with an up close and personal performance that allows for intimate photo-ops and a one of a kind experience. Throughout the event, performers will make their way around to ensure everyone has the opportunity to witness this ancient art being brought to life before their very eyes.  Ambient sets are broken up into 10-minute performance blocks with 10 minute breaks to allow our performers to rest and rehydrate.  


      You may also choose a choreographed featured act. These acts are 3-5 minutes long and are choreographed to specific music with costuming to match.

Partner Acrobatics can be offered indoors or out.  



Ambient Set- Minimum 12' ceiling height

Stage Act- An additional 15'x15' space is required for all stage acts.

Additional information available upon request. 

Act Descriptions