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Dragon Staff - Fire Arts
Dragon's Breath
Acrobatic Fire Juggling
Dragon's Breath
Fire Fans
Palm Torches in Bodypaint

Fire Arts


      Mankind has been obsessed with fire since we first learned how to control it. It provides warmth and cooks our food, but beyond the utilitarian use lays an art form inside the flames. Ancient Aztecs performed fire dances for their gods, and many other cultures used fire to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. These rituals were the earliest version of fire art, and both the spiritual and entertainment side of fire manipulation are in heavy use to this day.


       If you want to guarantee a night to remember, fire art is the way to go. Our trained fire experts will wow your guests with flaming juggling, fire hoop manipulation, palm torches, fire fans, and the pièce de résistance – fire breathing and fire eating. Fire arts may be performed indoors or out, pending venue approval.



If you choose to hire us for a fire arts performance, the venue must approve of the use of fire on the premises. There will be a fire safety technician on hand with us to ensure safety standards are met.

More information available upon request. 

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