Cyr Wheel


     People have been using the wheel to get around for thousands of years, from wooden chariots to the rubber tires under our cars. But not everyone was content to use the wheel only as a mode of transportation.


     Enter Daniel Cyr, creator of the Roue Cyr Wheel. Cyr presented his invention at the 2003 Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris, where he won the Silver Medal for his performance. Despite the fact that there have been similar devices in use prior to the Cyr Wheel, it is this version that has taken off in popularity.


      Our Cyr Wheel specialist is available to turn any party on its head, rolling and twisting inside a 6 ft wheel with whimsy and grace. This is indeed a special service, with special requirements. 

Not all flooring is suitable for an act of this variety. Please call for a consulation.

Adequate performace space is needed.