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Circus Cat Contortion
Contortion Bubble
Bendy Skelly Contortion
Spider Contortion


The Romans were the first known people to utilize the unique ability of contortion for entertainment purposes. Early circuses were in need of new and affordable acts, so producers headed out in search of the next big thing. What they found was a Yogi beggar performing on the streets of Rome, twisting his body in the most unnatural of ways. Delighted with this uncanny talent, they hired him immediately. It didn’t take long for word of this new art form to spread, and soon coliseums and theaters all had their own amazing bendy man.


We too offer this fascinating talent for you next party or event. Our contortionists can bend and twist in ways you won’t believe, making you rethink the possibilities of the human body.


Contortion can be performed indoors or out and can fit into most spaces. She can also be in a giant bubble to use on land or water. Inquire for more info.

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