Aerial Acts


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…man swinging from the ceiling? Aerialists are among the most elite performers in the world, providing high flying entertainment that defies gravity and even death. Early acrobats attempted their own version of the aerial feats we see today, but true aerial acts did not come to fruition until the late 18th century. Acrobats walked on tightropes, suspended in the air from ropes, slings, and ribbons, and introduced the world to their newest contraption, the trapeze. These exciting stunts changed the circus landscape for good, and remain one of the most popular and continually evolving acrobatic skills.


Let our highly trained aerialists hang around your next event for a show that’s sure to amaze. We offer - Silks, Hammock, Lyra, Rope, Straps, Static Trapeze and Double Trapeze and various invented apparatus.



Ceiling height: 13 ft or more depending on the apparatus.

A weight bearing beam rated for a 5,000 pound load is needed to ensure safe rigging of our performers. A walk through of the venue is required. 

A portable, free standing, quadruped rig is a rentable option for outdoor use or if you don't have a rig point that is safe, indoors. It is adjustable in height. 

We also offer the lollipop lyra as a more compact, freestanding alternative. 

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Act Descriptions