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Creative Services

Entertainment Designs For All Occasions.

Feather Fight Moxy Atl Anniversary Party

Our creative team brings a living element into each affair. We start by working one on one with our clients to hear their vision.


From a theme/color scheme to key words, or even an inspirational photograph, we talk to our costume/ makeup team about how to transform our performing artists. Then we utilize strolling entertainment, featured acts, stage productions and interactive design to create an experience for your guests from arrival to departure.


There are no limits to bringing a breath of live art into any occasion. 

Butterfly Champagne Skirt



TheOCP isn't a two time  Winner in Interactive Design for nothing!

Add an extra flare to your event with living decor.

 Living decor, what do you mean? 

Statues, presentation skirts, paintings, photo booths, red carpets, art exhibits, mannequins, display windows, and more!

These unique elements will be the wow factor you are looking for!

Aerial Silks.JPG

Have a seat and relax! Let our performers do all the work.


Featured acts are choreographed routines, set to specific music, that have been practiced to perfection.


They can be used to break up a conference, add excitement to a party, entertain a formal dinner, the options are limitless!


From one or two acts at an event, to a full scale production, we team up with the best the industry has to offer to bring the theater to you! 

Coral Reef Aquatic Juggler.jpg

Looking for a living element at your event but still want your guests to mingle about? Strolling entertainment will help create the atmosphere you desire. 

Ambient performers take their talents and roam around the venue to the music already provided. Your guests will be up close and personal with the artist performing feats of wonder.


This creates amazing photo opportunities and allows your guests to enjoy the entertainment while continuing their conversation, or while bidding on some items! 

Our Work

The only limitation is your imagination.


About Us

Modern Luxury Weddings Atlanta Top 10 En
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The Off Centered Project came to life in 2012 when circus performers Kristina Guede and Tony Schott collaborated in search for a creative vision of their own. The duo trained in the professional world of sports and entertainment since they were children and wanted to create a space for artists to live their dreams where safety and industry standards are always at the top of the list.

 TheOCP is made up of creative professionals working day in and day out to produce unique, performance designs. We never stop learning/training to continuously offer cutting-edge entertainment. We are artistic entrepreneurs building our foundation from the ground up and put our heart and souls into the work we share with others. This team is compiled of some of the most talented, and dedicated, artists the industry has to offer.

Here at TheOCP we offer more than entertainment, we lift you out of the routine we call life!

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